Monday, 12 March 2018


According to the weather forecast, I was supposed to be walking in the rain this morning but no, it was dry!  Belinda accompanied me to the village of Pilton, famous for being the home of the Glastonbury Festival.  We walked through the village and onto footpaths that took us to Worthy Farm and the site of the festival, which is having a rest this year...

There are remnants of the festival all over the site, including the skeleton of the Pyramid Stage, a tree top platform and willow snake - see above.  The fungi pictured above, are made of wood and are very realistic except they are at least three feet high! 

There are some interesting buildings and lovely houses in Pilton.  The village has certainly benefitted from hosting the Glasonbury Festival.  We parked in the carpark of the Village Hall and Working Men's Club, (see middle left pic), and walked past the Parish Church (above right), which have received funds.  Money from the festival also, together with English Heritage, paid for the restoration of the fantastic 14th Century Tithe Barn, which is used for all sorts of events -see top photograph.  There is a lot to explore in Pilton, so we vowed to go back later in the year...

Friday, 9 March 2018


This morning I had another walk around Mendip Golf Course.  Last time it was the first nine holes, but this time, for a change, I went around the last nine holes accompanied by my playing husband, whose mates had deserted him!

I was last there about the month ago and what a difference to the light!  Last time it was still quite dark when we arrived but now it is so much lighter that the ground staff arrive at 6am to begin work.  We were the first out and we saw various ground work activities taking place in preparation for the day ahead. 

On this side of the course is a lake, which has visitors in the form of breeding pairs of Canadian Geese.  I tried to get close enough to a couple of them to take their photograph but they weren't keen!   Every year they start producing young and they are not popular with the golfers.  They are big birds that produce a lot of waste matter, mostly on the fairways...


Monday, 5 March 2018


Today, was positively balmy, compared with the extreme cold temperatures and the chill factor of the biting winds, that we endured last week!  There were some remains of snow and ice, but it was mostly thawing fast.  As I walked through Collett Park to meet up with Belinda, the ducks and seagulls were out in force and some were a bit puzzled why they could walk on the water, which was still half ice!  My pics on the top row above, show the state of the allotments - a lot of work ahead for the vegetable growers of Shepton!

We saw plenty of footprints in the snow and dog walkers, eager to get out now that everybody can move around, instead of being cooped up. On many fields and footpaths, mud had replaced snow, but there were still patches and drifts of the white stuff lying around...

By the end of the walk, the sun had come out.  I was surprised to see a drift of snowdrops looking so perky, but then I read a notice in a shop window that they contain a natural kind of anti-freeze so that if they collapse in freezing conditions, they quickly recover once the temperature rises.

I do love trees, especially in Winter, when you can see their sculptural skeletons. This tree that I am looking at in the bottom right pic, has split into two.  Its trunk must have had an enormous girth originally, so it must be quite ancient! 

Monday, 26 February 2018


This morning I went for a walk with Belinda at Westhay Moor Nature Reserve on the Somerset Levels.  It was a beautiful Winter's day with the reed beds and bullrushes the star of the show!  We had to wrap up well as there was a bitter wind but the way the ice sparkled in the sunshine and the blue of the sky and shimmering lakes made up for that... 

The reserve is a special place for watching and photographing birds.  It is famous for the spectacular starling murmurations, which are best seen at dawn or dusk in the Autumn.  There are managed walkways and several hides.  We went into the Island Hide but did not see many birds, only some ducks and moorhens.  However, during our visit we did see some swans in the distance and a cormorant perched on a branch in the middle of a lake.  There is water everywhere, so much so that they provide a life buoy in case you fall in - see bottom right pic!

The walk included wooded areas and signs of spring flowers. The snowdrops are going over with the daffodils coming into bud but this cold weather should hold them back...

Monday, 19 February 2018


This morning I had the pleasure of Belinda for company.  It was a misty morning which didn't clear all the time we were out. We went up to one of my favourite places, Barren Down, which looked very atmospheric, but today there were no views over Shepton!

The footpath we were on took us through somebodies garden, which looked rather forlorn, as all gardens do this time of year.  However, we did see signs of life and the brussels sprouts, pictured above, looked inviting to eat!  I have discovered that sprouts, coated in oil and roasted in the oven, are much more tasty than boiled...  

Last weekend we had a Snowdrop Festival in Shepton and we saw plenty of examples on our walk.  They are such a delicate little flowers that looks fabulous in drifts.  There have been thousands of bulbs planted around the town so the displays should improve year by year...

Another early Spring flower that I love is hellebores - see above pics.  The only problem with photographing them is that their flower heads drop down, facing the ground, hiding their beauty.  To overcome this, I had to point and shoot with my camera, practically on the ground, facing upwards!


Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Yesterday was my first early morning walk this year!  A combination of wet, cold, weather, and friends who have been away or had commitments, meant that I haven't had the motivation for a walk before!  Now, however, I have been wearing a pedometer to see what exercise I am actually getting. This has made me decide that I do indeed need to increase my movement, for all sorts of health benefits!

So, when I was asked to drive my husband up to the golf club so he could walk around with his golfing buddy, I joined them for the walk, just as the sun was rising. The reason I had to drive was that my husband had just had cataract surgery and was missing his early morning rounds!  

A couple of incidents with cameras has resulted in me having a new one that can survive my rough treatment!  I chose the Olympus Tough 5 which can be dropped without ill effect, is fully waterproof and can take pics underwater.  As wild swimming is one of my major activities this will be a bonus...

This camera is also good for close-ups, so I did some practice shots, as demonstrated above.  Even on a cold, frosty February morning there were signs of wildflowers on the golf course. 

We were at the Mendip Golf course, which is high up and has superb views.  You can see for miles and miles...

Monday, 4 December 2017


It has been a little while since the last walk, a combination of bad weather and commitments!  However, today was a treat for Jenny and I, as Paula Cuthbert joined us.  Paula is an alternative therapist extraordinaire!  She operates out of Jenny's Beauty Salon and keeps me fit and healthy!  It was a grey morning, but not cold.  The first part of our walk took us to Kilver Court to see what Christmas decorations they had up - see above.

We then went on muddy footpaths through farmland.  There were cows with horns in one of the fields that had a footpath going through it, so we quickly chose another route! We were concerned with one cow, that seemed to have a problem with its leg, so we had a quick word with the farmer and he said that one of them was disabled from birth.  We also went through a field full of sheep, and had a friendly greeting from a small dog!  The Charlton Viaduct provided a stunning backdrop...

Jenny is on the lookout for interesting branches that she can use for natural looking Christmas decorations.  There were loads of wood just lying by the pathway, so she picked up a couple of suitable ones. She thought one branch would make a good pair of antlers - see middle photo above!  Anyway, she insisted on carrying them back with her, although they will need some drying out before being sprayed...